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The effects of "Work from Bali" will be favorable for Lombok.

The effects of
work from bali (illustrated)

The "Work from Bali" concept is thought to benefit not just the tourism industry on the Island of the Gods but also those of other places like Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

Komang Mahawira, a lecturer at Lombok Tourism Polytechnic and auditor for CHSE (Clean, Healthy Safety and Environment), claimed that the initiative would aid in luring visitors so that the industry may rebound. Sandiaga Uno, the minister of tourism and creative economy, suggested in early June that the initiative might also be applied in other tourist hotspots, like Lombok.

Komang was speaking on the sidelines of the discussion "Optimizing Digital Marketing to Revive Tourism Industry & Socialization of the CHSE Certification Program" in Lombok on Saturday. "Government programs help, including Work from Bali, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy also promotes it, even besides Bali, it is very helpful for tourists to come, activities will be more and more, and indirectly promote that Lombok is safe, the proof is that the government can work there."

He concluded that Lombok, where many people go on staycations, has had a rebound in tourism, but that the government still occupies the majority of the hotels there.

Since the Work From Bali initiative is still relatively new, Rajasa Hadisoemarto, the East Indonesia Area Manager for, said that its effects have not been distributed equally.

He believes that starting next month, the "Work From Bali" initiative will start to show results.

Because of the ongoing restrictions, Rajasa predicted that work from Bali will peak in July.

Rajasa concurred with Komang that the "Work From Bali" program will eventually have an impact on the Lombok region. He thinks that once the initiative is successful on the island of Bali, it will also be successful on Lombok.

Wait for (Work From Bali) performance in Bali to improve first. It'll probably be good.

In order to give travelers a sense of protection and comfort, Lombok's tourism industry participants are undergoing the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Security, Environmental Sustainability) accreditation procedure. The local tourism office has so far awarded more than 100 CHSE certificates to business actors in West Nusa Tenggara, according to Komang Komang Mahawira, the CHSE auditor. If no issues arise, this process takes roughly a month.

The assessor has to see proof of how health protocols are being implemented by tourism actors when serving guests, therefore one of the challenges is the absence of visitors. The assessor can instead determine whether the business actor is deserving of CHSE certification through a simulation.

If it's worthwhile, it's absolutely advised.


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