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The Top 10 Foods to Eat at Disneyland

The Top 10 Foods to Eat at Disneyland
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Attractions and rides aren't the only things to do at Disneyland. While any frequent visitor to Disney may think of a few must-eat foods—and yes, there are plenty of nibbles in the shape of mice—other delicious delicacies are hiding just off the main tourist route or beneath the radar. These meals from Disneyland will make your subsequent visit to the Happiest Place on Earth thoroughly satisfying.

1. Dole Whip


Dole Whip is a soft-serve frozen pineapple delight that is dairy- and gluten-free as well as sweet and tangy. You can drink it straight up or mix it with pineapple juice for a float. You can find it at the Coffee House in the Disneyland Hotel and at the Tiki Juice Bar in Adventureland, where you can (and why wouldn't you?) add a shot of rum! Dole Whip is a dessert that has become so recognizable that it has appeared on jewelry, pillows, purses, air fresheners, and more.

2. Churros


Churros are large, long donuts that are warm and dusted with cinnamon-sugar. Anyway, whatever. Do you really need me to explain what churros are? You're aware already. The themed, limited-edition tastes, such as the golden lemon churros for Pirates of the Caribbean and the blue and red lightsaber churros for Star Wars, are what distinguish Disneyland's churros.

3. Corn Dogs


In Disneyland, you should really simply eat everything that has corn, whether it be corn bread, elote, corn on the cob, or anything else. It will constantly remain positive. But when it comes to their corn dogs, Disneyland practices some unique voodoo. These stand out from your standard corn dog thanks to their hand-dipped and sumptuous (there, I said it) cornmeal exteriors. Find them at Little Red Wagon and Stage Door Cafe in Disneyland as well as Corn Dog Castle (of course) in Disney California Adventure.

4. Mickey Bar


Vanilla ice cream in the shape of your preferred mouse, covered in a "chocolatey coating" (that's the official phrase). Who wouldn't like to consume this? You can find it in almost every freezer and ice cream cart throughout Disney. Grab one and post the iconic "first Mickey Bar" photo to Instagram. If you offer it to a young child and they end up coated in chocolate, bonus points.

5. Monte Cristo Sandwich

monte cristo

The greatest dish available anyplace in Disneyland is the Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans or Blue Bayou Restaurant. In essence, it's a ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese sandwich, but when it's battered, deep-fried, and served with berry sauce for dipping, magic happens. Vegetarians can choose the three-cheese version and omit the meat. Keep in mind that the identical sandwich costs less at Cafe Orleans than it does at the fancier Blue Bayou (and Cafe Orleans also has killer pommes frites).

6. Plaza Inn Fried Chicken

fried chicken

I don't care what the Plaza Inn does to their fried chicken since I don't know. The very best. Only lunch and dinner are served. Green beans and mashed potatoes are included. The portion is enormous. It is so big that sharing would be simple, but I don't.

7. Mickey Beignets

mickey beignets

These miniature Mickey-shaped snacks, which resemble fried doughnuts, are like pillows of bliss. They are must-eats in Disneyland, dusted with powdered sugar (and occasionally flavored for holidays). You can purchase a bag at the Mint Julep Bar or get them at Cafe Orleans with dipping sauces (again, because this place is frigging gold). You're in for a sugary-sweet treat wherever you find them.

8. Mint Julep

mint julep

Despite being small and obscure (search for it behind French Market in New Orleans Square), the Mint Julep Bar provides two well-known Disney desserts. We've already talked about the Mickey Beignets and Disney's interpretation of the mint julep. The mint julep recently underwent a make-under, during which the neon green hue was toned down to a more natural pale yellow, and the mouthwash-like flavor was ditched in favor of a more subtle lemon-lime-mint. Since it is Disneyland, the mint julep is non-alcoholic and not technically a julep at all. The mint julep is a traditional Disneyland pastime that is now more enjoyable than ever.

9. Matterhorn Macaroon

matterhorn macaroon

The Matterhorn Macaroon is a more recent addition to certain long-standing Disneyland treats, yet it is still quite important. The Matterhorn Macaroon, which was first offered by Blue Ribbon Bakery, is currently available at Jolly Holiday Bakery. This enormous coconut macaroon has white chocolate on top and is covered in candy "snow" to finish it off. The form is identical to the famous Matterhorn ride at Disneyland, which is the best part. This must-have item looks fantastic and tastes even better.

10. Loaded Funnel Cakes

funnel cake

Every theme park has funnel cakes, but Disneyland does them better than anyone else. At Stage Door Cafe, they're enormous—about the size of your head—and stuffed with brownies or strawberries and whipped cream. You can get a churro version of funnel cake at Hungry Bear Restaurant (yes, please) as well as seasonal varieties throughout the year, such as the apple pie funnel cake and the current milk-and-honey funnel cake.


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