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Recommended Holiday to Keep Your Family Close

Recommended Holiday to Keep Your Family Close
family vacation (Illustrated)

Andini Sugeng, a child and adolescent clinical psychologist from the University of Indonesia (UI) Integrated Clinic, suggests a number of things to do to pass the time at home during the school break.

Andini claimed that family activities not only promoted enjoyment but also strengthened the bond between parents and kids.

There is no need to come up with novel ideas because parents can choose games or pursuits that appeal to their kids, such as monopoly, ludo, snakes and ladders, chess, and others.

"Picnic in a room at home where the kids may wander around freely and is fairly pleasant. Picnic on the patio. Watch children's movies appropriate to the child's age, offer popcorn or other snacks, and create a theater-like environment "Friday, Andini spoke to ANTARA.

family vacation (illustrated)

Parents might ask their kids to go treasure hunting if they enjoy to go on adventures. Children could be asked to locate particular items that have been hid in various rooms of the house.

While on vacation, seeing old pictures and movies may be both a time for bonding and relaxation. Parents can then start a conversation with their child about their goals and desires.

"It is possible to repeatable exhilarating moments from the talk. For instance, unique dishes or beverages that can be recreated, "Andini stated.

"Holidays spent at home can also serve as a topic for amusing and informative conversations. Holidays, for instance, having particular themes. holidays in the beach style, then dress for the beach, "Added he.

The desire of parents to make family holidays joyful is what matters most. As much as they can, parents should refrain from utilizing devices that could limit their time together physically.

"Because boredom is often felt when staying at home, adjust to the length of the "holiday" as well. Several areas of the room can be set up by parents to prevent boredom in kids "Andini remarked.


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